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We offer a range of grooming and bathing services for your pet!

The Quick Bath (no appointment needed)

An average-sized short hair dog can be done in less than 1 hour! The patented design overcomes the natural resistance of animal hair to moisture by utilizing nozzles that probe into the coat and onto the skin. The gentle vacuuming action will clean your pet and pull the water from the coat leaving your pet only damp to the touch.


The Trim

Your pet is expertly trimmed by highly-trained and qualified pet trimmers. The Pet Groomer will trim your pet to your request. If you prefer, we will select the most popular and fitting style for your pet from our wide range of options.

The Pet Spa

A warm soothing hydro massage gently bathes your pet. Safe and gentle, the Pet Spa promotes a healthy skin and coat. Treat your pet to the luxury and efficiency of The Pet Spa.

Flea Baths

Our all natural flea bath will given if your pet has fleas. We'll always do our best to be sure your pet is kept flea free!
We Provide lots of praise & plenty of love...Like Family!


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For all your professional dog and cat grooming needs.
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